Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Adventure-Day 7-Lets get physical!

Day 7: Lets get physical!

It's Friday!!!!!!!! I really needed a good day after the horrible day that was Thursday. My feet were still killing me, so I loaded up on tape and blister pads from the store here at the Ridge. I taped up my feet and I finally got some relief!! I was weary on going on another advanced hike but I am thrilled that I did!!

We went on a hike called "Slots". It gets it name because we crawl through these literally slots that are in between the huge rock formations. It's really tight quarters and luckily I'm not claustrophobic! I didn't bring my camera! Along the way we saw a ton of petrographs and they were so interesting. I took a video of one of the larger scenes we saw.

It was really great looking at them and hearing what they mean!

When we got back my feet were hurting a little bit. And because of the infection I had been banned from pool work outs. So I got to take Cardio Dance Jam twice!! I was in heaven!!! I wore my headband the only way I knew look like Olivia!!

The dances were really fun and such a great work out. It was such a cool way to end the week. All that is left is to re-run Stop Sign to see if our time improved and get tested out (aka, weighed in!).

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