Friday, March 5, 2010

My adventure-Day 6: I officially hit the wall...

Day 6: I officially hit the wall...

I'm going to be honest. Thursday was rough....I had to wake up pretty early to get this RMR test done. This is a test that reads how many calories you burn while at rest so you can know how many additional calories you need to burn to get to your goal weight.

(Not me but you get the idea)

But what this picture doesn't show is how your nose has to be plugged up! So you wear this really uncomfortable close pin. It was really uncomfortable but if you just keep saying "in and out" you can get through it! SO my results were REALLY good. I can basically work out for 30 minutes a day while eating 1,800 calories a day and I will get to my goal in 7 weeks. I love how this test is all mathematical. Takes all the guess work out!

All this while, my foot is killing me. Even walking in flip flops hurt. I was really hoping it would go away with some moving around...OH was I wrong. Against my better judgment, I went on the advanced hike with my group. I even told the lead guide about my toe and just that I was having a crappy day. So if we could just chill the pace down, that would be amazing.


We went on the hike and it was miserable. It was already cold and rainy when we left, when we got a little up it started to HAIL. Full on hail. I wore a windbreaker and I thought that this would help. It also was crazy windy. As in 40mph winds....while hiking...with an infected toe? The wind just took my windbreaker and made it a giant sail. I was being thrown around everywhere. At one point I just stopped and freaked out. I honestly didn't feel safe. (Drama queen...)

Here is a video from our hike. The wind is really loud! Also, you will see these two tiny white dots below, those are our vans where we started. And to think we went up another 1,000 feet and the wind blew harder...

Every single step of this hike hurt. I usually am real chatty on the ride back to the Ridge but I was silent. I was just over it. All of it. I have a horrible wind burn on my face that makes me look like I have some weird infection!

I soaked my foot in some hot water and espom salts and that really helped. I wish I could have done that for the rest of the day but I remembered I had another test scheduled. I got a VO2 test. This test (also called a stress test) measures at what point does your body begin to burn fat. You just run until you can't anymore (toe.toe.toe). My results were good again. I have a really strong heart and it will really help me finish my weight loss.

(Not me again)

Once we ate lunch I started to feel better. I talked to the trainer and just leveled with them about my foot. So I got out of the pool class (thank goodness!) and they let me bike with my flip flops. It was perfect, I got my foot ready for our hardest cardio class. Treading! It's cardio intervals on crack! Great work out and my foot didn't hurt!

I'm sorry I'm bitching so much, it was just a tough day!

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  1. sounds very interesting and hard work.. i;ve had all these tests done too as i helped out with some research at a university which meant they needed lab-rats to do them all! .. so i know the whole plug-the-nose exercise till you drop thing! don't worry about bitching either! haha i had an uber-moan in my last post!