Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Adventure Day 3: "Stop Sign"

Day 3: "Stop Sign"

I was WAY to tired to blog last night. So I'm a day behind but oh well! I was pretty surprised that on Sunday night I was able to get to sleep. Thanks to some Tylenol PM, I passed out at 10 o'clock. Let me tell you....my alarm at 5:30AM came early....(I'm not a morning person). Our first class was intro to circuit which was basically "Gym 101". It was pretty boring to those in the group that have been in a gym before. But I'd later appreciate how we didn't move before our "Stop Sign" hike.

Breakfast was great! English muffin, eggs and turkey bacon. It tasted amazing and actually was filling. We are on a 1,200 calorie diet while at the Ridge. There is a salad/fruit bar that we have access due during the day (all with healthy choices) but it is in addition to our diet.

Then we went on our first "Stop Sign" Hike. Morning hikes are a huge part of the schedule here. So first thing this week we are timed while hiking on a paved 4.3 mile hike/walk. This will give the instructors a gage on our fitness level as well as which hikes we should go on. I was determined to finish this in under 1 hour and 10 minutes. I've always been a distance runner and I wanted to use the pavement to my advantage. Everyone said that at the 2.5 mile mark where we run along side the road got very hilly. (and I'm not a hill/incline runner) So I knew that I had to run to that point.

I exceeded my expectations!! I finished "Stop Sign" first at 55 minutes. I was THRILLED!! It had been so long since I've run like that. Ever since my back, I haven't run at all. So it was good to know that my abilities are still there.

(I made it!!!)

The logic of running to the road worked great for me. I made it there in about 27 minutes and then just power walked the hell out of the rest. The hills and inclines were INSANE! I have to admit that it was a little embarrassing. Only because I'm a place where some people didn't even make it a mile. I admire them so much for getting out of their comfort zone and wanting to change their life.

With that said, I am getting plenty of "Now, what did you want to get out of this week?" AKA "what the hell are you doing here, you're one of the smallest people here?". I mean people don't understand that there does come a point in your weight loss journey that you get unmotivated/plateau/eat bad and just get off track. It's like I might be small to them but to me I have such a long way to go until I'm at my goal weight. ESPECIALLY these last 10-12lbs. This opportunity came at such a perfect time for me to get back on track. I'm really great full to have it!

After the hike we basically worked out a ton! Circuit training, Step Class and a pool class (I never knew pool could be so difficult). My quads are pretty much in pain from the "Stop Sign" run. (A huge disadvantage of pushing myself) So after our evening lecture, I passed out at 8:00pm.

So far, still going great. The first day was hard! But it's just new to my body and it will (and did) get easier.

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  1. That's so awesome! You go girl! I am going to love hearing your recaps about this week. Keep up the great work!