Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 5: Call me Cliffhanger!

Day 5: Call me Cliffhanger!

Yesterday was a great day! Our hiking group went on this amazing hike. We kind of got together and said that we had to take it easy today. The guides were totally cool with that and we went on the "Camel back" trail and had a lot of fun. For every really steep incline and hard climb we got to a point where we could take pictures and goof off.

This is by far my favorite! Go hiking!

Can you tell they tilted the camera a bit?? Haha!

I'm on the right in my disco pose.

This shot was a little scary! It was taken on top of one of the "camel backs" on the hike. You can see them in the distance in the video below.

Great video from our hike. I forgot to take one from the view from the camel back. You can see them far off in the distance.

I have to admit that when we started finishing the last mile of our hike, I got some serious pain in my right foot. I was sure it was a blister and would just power through it until I could treat it. We got back to the Ridge and did some work outs (again, I can't even remember!! I'll post our schedule after the week is up). I do remember that I was in kickboxing and my foot was killing me. After it I ran to my room and started looking around and found that my right pinkie toe/nail is completely infected (Nasty, I know but oh well!). I kinda started to freak out. So I treated it as well as I could and kept going through the day.

One of the best things I did was I booked a massage for Wednesday night. Everyone said that booking one mid week was good. SO GLAD I DID! My quads were in so much pain that day. I have to admit that I had never had a massage before. I know! Crazy. It was wonderful and I'm now hooked.

Half way done and while it's a ton of work, I'm having a blast!

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  1. Wow that is crazy!!!! I could never do cliff climbing. I would be too scared! And I don't have much upper body strength! Lol looks like you had a great time