Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Adventure Day 4: QUADS!!

Day 4: QUADS!!

I basically passed out at 8pm after dinner last night. Which was wonderful!! I was exhausted after our first full day of activity. I awoke bright and early to breakfast. It was okay, it was a fruit, yogurt and granola parfait. I ended up eating some of it and just grabbing some fruit.

One of the side effects of finishing so fast in the "Stop Sign" hike was that I pretty much got thrown into the Advanced Hiking group. I've only been hiking a few times and my legs were hurting from all the stuff on Monday! There were two other people who joined that group and we decided that we'd tackle the mountain!

Well a mountain can not even begin to explain what this hike was!! We started off a really fast pace, basically speed walking.

This is a picture about 1 hour into our hike. Our guide told us we were going to hike to that cave. UGH!!

Well we made it to the cave! I thought I was going to pass out. Here is a video I took while we took a break. The view was amazing!

Here is my hiking group. Me on the left, Ross and Judy. They are such an adorable couple! One of the only things that got me through this hike was our gossip about last nights Bachelor. They are also in my work out group (team blue!!) so we've gotten to know one another well.

The biggest thing I'm facing is that my quads are pretty much spent. I'm not going to say I "over did it" on Monday but I guess I'm just use to having a full day of recovery after I run like that. So it's been a challenge. I'm also been having this pain in my right little toe. It's very weird, but more on that later!!

Honestly, the rest of the day was a blur! I know I worked out but couldn't tell you what classes I took! I really enjoy it here and am looking forward to getting back to losing weight while I'm at home.

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  1. Keep up the good work! I'm totally enjoying your updates and it's even been motivating for me!! Kick butt and enjoy every minute!!