Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cookies of the week!

I started making cookies for the crews for the show sorta as a joke. But then it's become something I really look forward too every Tuesday. So last week I departed from my typical iced sugar cookies and used some recipes I found online to make last week treat boxes:

Gotta love my Ashley Brook Design post-it notes as a finishing touch!!! I used treat boxes I had left over from Valentine's Day.

Here are the recipes I used:
Magical Peanut Butter Cookies by Paula Deen
Fluffy Oatmeal Rasin cookies by Paula Deen (except I didn't make them sandwiches)
Sugar Cookie "Smooch", I just winged this one. It was a bag of sugar cookie mix then you push a hershey kiss in it!

I really think it helps boost moral of the crews when they come back on the first day of the week to some fresh cookies. A lot of them are away from their families and loved ones and it me making cookies keeps people happy, then I love it!!

Can't wait to show you guys this weeks treat....tomorrow I'm making CAKE BALLS!!


  1. Thanks for the recipes! I bake for TLS's squadron once a week and am always looking for new cookie recipe ideas!

  2. love those treat boxes where did you get those?!?