Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bake em cookies, you'll get hired!

So what started out as just a one day event as me working back in TV Production has turned into a full time gig!! (Well full time for the 8 weeks they're shooting)

I'm really happy to be back in Production. I've missed it and luckily it all comes back very naturally. Everyone in the office is so nice and it's going really great.

I think me being hired back had something to do with the Texas Themed cookies I made for the crew....

So make cookies and you'll get hired!! I hope that I'll find time to regularly blog still. Because one of the things that I do not miss about production is how your life comes to a HAULT! Working 13 hour days leaves little time to do anything but sleep. Getting to do little things like laundry will go undone for about 3 weeks. I had Sunday off and had the best time cleaning and just tending to my apartment.

One of the best things about this job is that Mike and I are working together in the office. I'm very happy about this because if we didn't work in the same place, we literally would never see each other. Of course everyone thinks it's funny when a couple works in an space together. (When it's not that strange because we've always worked together. But we enjoy being the main part of the days entertainment).