Thursday, August 26, 2010

The cookies I made during "the toe break of 2010"

Alright, if I broke my toe making cookies, they BETTER had been worth it, right??

Worth it they were! Maybe it was the meds they gave me, but I got inspired. And my detail work got a lot better. I wanted to go with a beach theme (for no other reason than I saw these adorable cookie cutters on Copper

Here's a little picture of what each crews gift box looked like.

Bikinis and board shorts

Some colorful one pieces

Close up of the board shorts. I tried to do some detail but my icing kept messing up...I won't say what I think these look like.....

I think the palm trees were my favorite. I just loved how simple they turned out!

So while I did get hurt while making cookies, at least they were fierce!!


  1. These cookies look adorable! Truly amazing!

  2. Adorable! Are you willing to share you recipe and decorating secrets :o) I would love to try them out.


  3. Have you consider a gourmet cookie business? I think it is your calling.

  4. what kind of icing do you use on your cookies?! they are SO cute!!