Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A little bit about myself!

Now that I told ya'll about my business, here are some things about myself! Here are 4 things that everyone should know about me!

1. My name is Kirby and I'm originally from Little Rock, Arkansas (Yes, I actually grew up there!). Being from Arkansas has really made me who I am. I love the fact that I'm southern!

2. I have a furry, 60 pound, child.....His name is Yankee.

Yankee is my year and half old English Bulldog. I share him with my boyfriend Michael (See #4)!!!! He is the cutest thing ever! He does however love to chew my shoes...we've been going good for a few months. SO here's to hope! I have however kept my local shoe guy in business because of the 20+ shoes I've taken in there to be re-made. Yankee and I have similar taste, he loves gold high heels!!! This photo is from a photoshoot that Michael did for me for Christmas. He surprised me with these great pictures of Yankee from Sabrina Helas at Cookies and Water Photography (www.cookiesandwaterphotography.com) . Yankee is on her website!!

3) I recently graduated from The American Film Institute with a Masters in Film Producing. (A mouth full!) This was by far the hardest thing I've ever done. AFI is a very intensive two year masters program. From the first day you walk in the doors you are teamed with a group and you're making films. First year you make at least three films (called Cycle Films), well I made 5...and I did anywhere from Production Design, Set Building, Wardrobe, Seamstress on at least 10 others. It was a very intense year....I pretty much was on a film set every 4 days a week for a year.
2nd year at AFI is suppose to be easier because you only make one huge film called your Thesis Film. This was the hardest year for me. I guess I was so done and worn out because of first year, I just couldn't wait to be done. There are two things that I am able to say about AFI that are positive. The first (and most important) one being, without AFI, I never would have met my boyfriend Michael (again, see #4!). The second one is, my team made an amazing Thesis Film. The film is called "GOODBYE CANARSIE".
I'm very proud of this film!! We shot it on 35mm and it actually was a great on-set experience!! (Most people have horror stories on their thesis films. We had a trailer people!). Check out the films website www.GoodbyeCanarsie.com

4. I have a wonderful boyfriend named Michael. Michael and I technically met at AFI (He's also just graduated as a Producer from AFI. We had technically never spoken before). Here is the REAL story about how we met. A group of us went to Las Vegas to get away from the crazy film making of first year. The majority of the group wanted to do some pretty lame stuff, so four of us branched off and we headed to the Palms Hotel to have a night on the town. (Now I have to preface this with the fact that I am NOT a club person and this was the last time Mike and I were at a club together!) I BS'ed my past the doorman at Rain and I still have no idea we had a table and everyone in there thinking we were just the most important people in the room. We were there having a great time (all the other members of the group came over to the club because as I predicted, their plans sucked!). Mike and I started dancing and out of NO WHERE Mike grabs my butt!!!! I was so embarrassed and so shocked I didn't know what to do!! I mean I kept dancing, I was in shock! It was about 4 am when our group left the club, we all went and got some LATE night dinner/breakfast. Ever since Vegas we have pretty much been inseparable. About two weeks after Vegas I went home for Christmas and we talked every 5 minutes it seemed like!
SO now we've been together two years and now that we're out of school it's great that we can actually be together and not be so consumed with school. We always produce all of our films together so we are waiting to hear back from film festivals about our film, Goodbye Canarsie.

So that is a little bit about me!!


  1. "out of nowhere" PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE. Begging for it.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Funny enough I actually have family in Arkansas, my aunt lives in the Marion/West Memphis and my cousin is in Jonesboro area. Where is TN is your mom from?

    PS Yankee is super cute!

  3. That is so neat that you went to AFI! My brother lives in L.A., works with movies and T.V., and wants to go back to school so he can go to AFI! I wonder if you have ever run into him? He has gone to AFI events with his best friend who graduated from there also.