Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good Gals Inc, Welcome to Blog Land!

Hello everyone!!

I've started this blog to tell my adventures of being a fabulous, southern girl who has been implanted in Los Angeles! My life is filled with great stories from being from Arkansas, going to college in Dallas and now my life in Los Angeles. I've started a new business and there are many ups and downs with starting something new! Not to mention that my company makes lingerie.....specializing in pasties. Yes!! We make pasties and we're not trashy! I swear! My company is all about being glamorous, confident and sexy. My business is called, Good Gals Inc.

Good Gals Inc started with my best friend since third grade, Ava, came to me when we needed to find a gift for a friends bridal shower. She loved the 40's and burlesque. We looked online for pasties and we could only find them in the UK for about $180. We knew we could make these things! So we made a pair covered in sequin rosettes. We also added a vail to the back of a pair of panties for some extra bridal-ness!
Our friend LOVED them! And after that all the bridesmaids wanted them then their friends and it kept going and going. Ava and I were on a girls trip to Vegas and we could not find pasties anywhere! It was then that we knew we had something! While we were both in Little Rock for the holidays we designed 30 styles and had our first line. We packed our pasties in the car and went to a few stores to see if they would be interested. We were thrilled that every store that we went to purchased at least 10 different styles! The stores had never seen anything like it. They sold out with in a few weeks and were already re-ordering. Good Gals Inc was born!!!

Feel free to check out my website where we sell our little pasties (or GG's as we call them!) What makes us different than other sites that sell pasties or other little girlie things is that we do not put any of our merchandise on models. We are all about being approachable! Another thing that sets us aside from the competition is our packaging and what all you get when you purchase a pair of GG's!
Each pair of GG's comes in a clear Chinese Food takeout container. We wanted something that could keep everything in the package together as well as something that could easily fit in an underwear drawer!
When you open the package you get all kinds of fabulous things! There is a matching panty with every pair of GG's. This answered the question "What do I wear with these things?". We also include two sets of double sided fashion tape. This answered the other question "Well how do I put these things on?".

So that is Good Gals Inc! We're in stores from Arkansas to Los Angeles. The business officially started in January and we started selling online starting in July. We are just getting started and I'd love any advise and ideas on how to grow my little business.

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