Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One year ago today....Holy Today Show!?!

A year ago today was one of the most amazing moments. For those of you who are newer to my blog, I'm reposting the blog post I posted 365 days ago...I will always remember this day!! Here it is:


On a whim on Friday I sent a sample package of pasties from Good Gals Inc never thinking it would actually go some where?!!?! I got a frantic call from my mother a few minutes ago and WE WERE ON!?!?!?! During the Hoda and Kathie Lee (Billy Bush was sub-ing in for one of em) segment of the show they had the package on the desk and they were holding them up!!?!??! I am so excited!! I'm going to try and find a video of it and post it!!!

(At around 3:20 you'll see some GG's!!!)

We've already got some orders!?!?!


Readers, you can make anything happen!!!! This moment was a huge game changer for my business and more important MYSELF. I've been needing some motivation and just some good energy and I realized that February 10th was coming and I wanted to re-share this with the blog world.

Thanks for all your support!


  1. That's awesome! It really is true that you can make anything happen. I am sure the next 365 days are going to be fabulous too!

  2. OMG, that's awesome, Look at you! That's so inspiring, thanks for sharing!!

  3. OMG! That is so cool! I can't believe it got on the Today show! Super super awesome! Good joB!

  4. I remember seeing that! We watch the 4th hour all the time! I had no idea this was your company! Congratulations!

  5. How exciting! Did you get/like your Pink Swap items? Let me know! :)

  6. Look at you! That's so inspiring, thanks for sharing!!

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  7. My goodness.. Has it been a year??
    I remember reading the original post!